Project title/Tytuł projektu

Antisense transcription requirement for plant external environment sensing.


Project number/Numer projektu



Aim/Cele projektu,
Eukaryotic genomes including plants are pervasively transcribed producing a myriad of non-protein-coding RNA transcripts (ncRNA), including antisense transcripts. Although the prevalent nature of antisense transcription is now well accepted, its functional consequence is much less appreciated. In this application we propose existence of a novel, generic mechanism of Arabidopsis gene regulation by long, non-protein-coding antisense transcription in response to external environment. We will combine an in-depth analysis of antisense transcription absolute requirement for regulation by external signals, of a master regulator of seed dormancy - DOG1 with several, genome-wide approaches to test the proposed mechanism. Finally we will explore the mechanistic aspects of how DOG1 protein controls plant stress response.


Expected outcome/Planowane efekty,
The expected outcome of this project is an in-depth characterization of lncRNA as an environmental sensing mechanism that allows the plants to adopt to changing environmental conditions. We expect that this project will among others aims describe antisense promoter on DOG1 as a required for sense response to environmental signals.


Budget/Wartość projektu,
4 000 000 PLN


European Founds contribution/Wkład Funduszy Europejskich.
4 000 000 PLN